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    Accessing Fungal Contamination Using Conventional and Molecular Methods in Portuguese Poultries

    Sources: C. Viegas, J. Malta-Vacas, R. Sabino, S. Viegas & C. Veríssimo Environmental Health RG, Lisbon School of Health Technology, Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon


    Epidemiological studies showed an increase prevalence of respiratory symptoms and adverse changes in pulmonary function parameters of poultry workers [1]. It corroborate the increased exposure to risk factors, such as fungal load and their metabolites.
    This study aimed to determine the occupational exposure threat due to fungal contamination caused by the toxigenic isolates belonging to the Flavi section and Fumigati section.


    Through Coriolis μ and molecular biology, we were able to detect:
    aflatoxigenic strains in pavilions in which Flavi section did not grow in culture.
    Fumigati section in one farm that was not identified by culture-based methods.
    TABLE 1. Distribution of A. flavus and A. fumigatus species-complex in the collected samples.

    04131-203-SL036 Poultries Bertin 2

    Real-Time PCR was applied only in air samples in our study. With those results, we can suppose that the prevalence of isolates belonging to both Aspergillus sections obtained through conventional methods, in surfaces and in litter (new and aged), should be higher than what was detected.

    [1] – Radon, K., Danuser, B., Iversen, M., Jorres, R., Monso, E., Opravil, U., et al. (2001). Respiratory symptoms in European animal farmers. European Respiratory Journal, 17, 747–754.
    [2] – Viegas, C., Malta-Vacas, J., Sabino, R. (2012). Molecular biology versus conventional methods—complementary methodologies to understand occupational exposure to fungi. International Symposium on Occupational Safety and Hygiene 478 – 479.



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