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    Air Fungal Contamination in French Dwellings

    Sources: Inserm, Rennes Teaching Hospital, France


    As people spent 80% of his time in more insulated buildings, with sometimes poor ventilation and high dampness, people may be exposed to high concentrations of molds. The analysis of fungal populations in homes has commonly been based on the collection of short air samples followed by microscopic observation or by culturing the fungi on one or two media. These technologies as having serious drawbacks.
    In this study [1] [2], our goal was to determine if the US Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI) scale might have application in France and if this index were correlated with other measures of fungal contamination. Dust and air samples were obtained from dwellings classified by inspection as “Moldy” or “Non-Moldy” and analyzed by quantitative PCR for the 36 fungi that make-up the ERMI and/or by culturing


    ERMI values were correlated with QPCR-based fungal concentrations in air samples in the living room and bedroom. In addition, the culture data from the Coriolis samples were significantly correlated with the ERMI values in the living room and bedroom (Figure 1).



    Aerosol samples obtained with the Coriolis air sampler and analyzed by QPCR or culturing may provide a useful addition to the QPCR analysis of dust in understanding indoor fungal contamination.



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