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    Detection of fungi / yeasts contamination in a food factory

    Sources: Comparison of impinger & Coriolis methods


    Monitoring of microbial contamination in the air around sensitive processing and packing lines has become an important part of safety food manufacturing (as bakery goods,  cheese  and  other  dairy  products,  fresh  pasta, ready meals and chilled ready-to-eat foods). The  methods  routinely  used  for  controlling  the microbiological quality of the air in food factories have lagged  behind  those  available  for  other  applications (hospital and pharmaceutical sectors), with rudimentary qualitative methods still being widely used. Alternative methods  are  now  available  and  are  fully  adapted  to food manufacturers.

    This study concerns the comparison of 2 different liquid air  sampling  methods  in  various  locations  of  a  food factory.


    Nine samples are sampled in different rooms.

    The  fungal  contamination  measured  by  culture  in  OGGA media  associated  with  Coriolis ® sampling  gives  an  higher reading  of  fungi  and  yeast  level  than  Impinger.  The Coriolis ® µ is shown as the most sensitive air sampler.

    The results are illustrated in the figure 1.1


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