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    Surveillance militaire

    Surveillance of Sensitive sites with PeriSight

    Canjuers, France


    CETIA are French Army fire course centers for Infantry and Armoured regiments.
    Located In South of France, Canjuers’ CETIA is the largest military training camp in Western Europe. It is equipped with a 20km fire course for training on offensive, defensive, in-vehicle and landed actions (missiles, artillery, helicopters, tanks, MRLS…).
    Alongside each shooting area is located a control tower, from where are supervised every course of fire, by day and at night.
    Supervision requires observation and monitoring of any activities before, meanwhile and after shootings. Indeed, supervisors not only have to look at trainees position while they are shooting, or to analyze shooting results, but they also have to be sure shooting area are clear, before authorizing trainees to proceed.
    Therefore, control towers had to be equipped with a system allowing day and night observation and the recording of activities in any portion of a shooting area.

    a control tower


    Satellite view of a shooting area with its corridors


    View of a shooting range with a the primary optical device (system of two side-by-side PeriSight® 90° modules)

    From the control room of the tower, the system is operated through a dedicated and intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI).
    Before each course, operators make sure that the shooting area is clear of any human presence, by using the PeriSight® 90° module. They also remove any doubts by using the PeriSight® Zoom modules and focusing at specific areas.
    Then, when the course starts, operators initiate recording of:
    • Video coming from all the PeriSight® modules.
    • Communications coming from radio
    Video and communications can be displayed, lively or on demand after the courses, on LCD monitors, located inside the control and the executive rooms.
    Each tower is also equipped with one FusionSight®, used as mobile and autonomous Night & Day observation device

    Views of a shooting range with the secondary optical device (six PeriSight® Zoom modules)


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