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    Recherche en cancérologie

    Lipid hydroperoxides (LPO) extraction from tumor and non-tumor rats tissues

    Sources: Cancer Research Laboratory, University Hospital of Tours, Tours, France.


    The fundamental and clinical project of our research unit is positioned at the junction of the two fields “cancer and nutrition” with a specialization in lipid biochemistry and breast cancer. Our research unit has described the potential benefit of the clinical use of lipid nutrients in order to increase the efficiency of cancer treatment. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) has the potential to increase tumor sensitivity to chemotherapy with no sensitization of normal tissues. This study [1] was aimed at exploring the mechanism involved in this differential sensitization with a focus on oxidative stress, one of the main determinants involved in DHA enhancement of anthracycline-based chemotherapy.


    Overall,  our  results  showed  that  supplemental  DHA during  an  anthracycline-based  chemotherapy  selectively increased tumor level of LPO. In fact, at baseline  (control  group)  a  similar  level  of  LPO  was detected  in  tumors,  liver,  heart,  and  intestine. Supplementing animals with DHA during chemotherapy increased the level of LPO in tumors while no change in LPO  level  was  detected  in  liver,  heart,  or  intestine (figure 1), even though their enrichment with DHA was

    larger  than  that  of  tumors.  Enzyme  activity  assays showed  a  differential  change  in  antioxidant  defenses between  tumors  and  other  tissues.  This  differential handling of oxidative stress between tumors and other tissues  might  be  a  mechanism  contributing  to  the absence  of toxicity  of  DHA  supplementation to  normal tissues during chemotherapy.


    Figure 1: LPO level in tumor and non-tumor tissues at baseline (control rats) and in response to treatment with DHA and epirubicin.

    During this study, the Cryolys guaranteed a constant cool temperature within the homogenization chamber.


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