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Protein extraction from E.coli using Precellys® Evolution

Sources: Institut Pasteur, PFPR, Paris, France (


The lab is responsible for screening a large number of E.coli culture conditions for the optimization of soluble protein production. Due to the flexibility and efficiency of the Precellys® Evolution, 3 volumes (1mL, 5mL, 10mL) of high concentrated E.coli cells were effectively lysed to extract soluble proteins for analytical or purification purposes. Different quantities of glass beads in Precellys® lysing tubes were evaluated.


The gel picture obtained after homogenization on the Precellys® Evolution (Figure 1) shows an efficient extraction of protein into multivolume Precellys® lysing tubes (2mL, 7mL and 15mL). A higher quantity of glass beads improves the extraction of soluble protein.


The gel was stained with Coomassie Blue. Lane 1: molecular weight standard; Lanes 2 and 3: 1mL E.coli prep/0.7g glass beads_2mL; Lane 4: 5mL E.coli prep/3.5g glass beads_7mL tube); Lane 5: 5mL E.coli prep/2.4g glass beads_7mL tube; Lane 6: 10mL E.coli prep/7.0g glass beads_15mL tube; Lane 7: 10mL E.coli prep/4.8g glass beads_15mL tube.


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