RNA extraction from Cheese in 7mL Vial - Bertin Instruments


    RNA extraction from Cheese in 7mL Vial

    Sources: UMR782 Génie et Microbiologie des Procédés Alimentaires,INRA Thiverval-Grignon, France


    In order to improve our understanding of the activity of the cheese microbial flora (bacteria, yeasts and molds) one promising approach is in situ analysis of the mRNA transcripts. However, even if extraction for DNA from cheese is common, the extraction of RNA is still a challenge. In this way, the Precellys®24 -Dual was evaluated to increase the yield of RNA extraction from cheeses.


    The following electropherogram (Fig.1) shows the presence of yeast ribosomal RNA (18S and 25S) and bacteria ribosomal RNA (16S and 23S) extracted from ripened cheese after 1 month of aging. The yield is 75 µg of RNA per gram of ripened cheese. The RNA quality and integrity are optimal to study the cheese microbial flora.


    Fig.1: RNA quality assessment with the Agilent bioanalyser: electropherogram of RNA preparation from ripened cheese after 1 month of ageing.


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